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RADIO INTERVIEW  Write on Four Corners 2018

Joanne’s radio interview on Orchid of the Night in which she tells about her inspiration for the novel, which is based on real events as well as details about the LGBT historical fiction aspect of her research.

Book Launch for Orchid of the Night at Bookwork’s May 20, 2017

Roberta Murata and Joanne Bodin
Reader’s Theater

Over 50 people attended.  Joanne and her friend Roberta did a short reader’s theater from the novel.

Click here for a short video from the book launch.

Joanne reading from Orchid of the Night at Book Launch

You Tube video of Joanne Bodin  and Jeanne Shannon leading an interactive poetry exercise,

“Exquisite Corpse” at Southwest Writer’s for National Poetry Month (April).

The New Mexico Orchid Guild announced the publication of Orchid of the Night in their March 2017 Newsletter. Tom Mirenda, who works for the Smithsonian Institute, gave a great lecture on some of his orchid collection as well on his orchid travels.

YOU TUBE VIDEO OF JOANNE reading at Las Puertas (Sunday Chatter)

 Poetry Reading at Las Puertas.  Program for Joanne’s reading.

Gary Meyer holding Orchid of the Night Book with Joanne Bodin

Gary Meyer, a consultant on Joanne’s novel, whose photo of the Dracula vampira orchid is on the front cover of the book, wrote this on Joanne’s Facebook page.  Gary also contributed his expertise as a consultant as well as a writer.

Gary Meyer to Joanne Bodin

A few years ago author Joanne Bodin approached me with an interesting request. She was writing a novel and wanted Dracula vampira to play a key role in central character’s life. She asked if I could write fictitious field notes detailing the character’s grandfather’s explorations in Ecuador to find Dracula vampira, that might be excerpted in the text of the novel. I thought it was a fascinating idea. I wrote a first person account of what it would have been like to search for orchids, and the fabled dark “Masdevallia” (as D vampira would have been known at the time), in Ecuador in the 70s, liberally weaving in stories that had been told to me over my years of travel to the Andes. Joanne’s novel is finally published and if you like thriller fiction and orchid intrigue, you should pick it up on Amazon. (That’s my photo on the cover too. 😉 )

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