The new 2019 revised edition of Orchid of the Night

is now available on Amazon and on Kindle. 

This award-winning novel follows the short life of Kyle O’Sullivan who is running from his troubled past after a fire consumes his aunt’s orchid estate on Maui, destroying their livelihood and killing his only living relative. Realizing that the fire was meant for him, Kyle must flee for his life.  He moves to Tempe, Arizona, bringing with him the only orchid to survive the fire: the Dracula vampira, also called Orchid of the Night. He finds solace in the gay sanctuary of Ixtlan; however, even with a new identity he cannot escape his tragic fate. As historical fiction, Kyle’s story sheds light on the Gay Liberation Movement in San Francisco during the AIDS epidemic as well as on one of the nation’s first gay sanctuaries, still existing near Gallup, New Mexico. In part two of the novel, the second protagonist, Detective Andy Gomez, becomes embroiled in the secrets and lies of Kyle’s past that relate to his own family saga.  This provocative, emotionally charged thriller delves into t he inner worlds of both protagonists as they grapple with painful paradoxes of life and shows how redemption is possible even in the face of tragedy.

AWARDS for Orchid of the Night

FINALIST in the 2018 Eric Hoffer Book Award for commercial fiction.

WINNER in the 2017 New York City Big Book Award for Distinguished Favorite in LGBT FICTION.

SECOND PLACE  in the 2018 New Mexico Press Women Communication Contest for Novel- adult fiction.

 WINNER in the 2017 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award in gay/lesbian fiction and FINALIST in three other categories of  fiction: historical fiction, mystery/crime, and thriller/suspense.



Joanne Bodin is a retired educator and award-winning writer and poet. She received her Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in Multicultural Teacher Education. Her novel, Walking Fish, won the New Mexico Book Award and the International Book Award in gay/lesbian fiction. Her book of poetry, Piggybacked, was a finalist in the New Mexico Book Awards. Orchid of the Night, a dark psychological thriller, won the awards listed above. She is past vice president of the New Mexico State Poetry Society and is currently on the boards of Southwest Writers and the New Mexico Orchid Guild. Her poetry has appeared in various publications including: The Rag, La Llorona Poetry Anthology, Fixed and Free Poetry Anthology 2011 and 2015,  Desert Sun Runner, Voices of New Mexico, More Voices of New Mexico, JB Stillwater Magazine, New Mexico State Poetry Society Albuquerque Chapter Poetry Anthology, Zingara Poetry Pics, New Mexico Mercury, Malpais Review volume 5 & volume 6, The Storyteller’s Anthology, The Yes Book, Glitterwolf Issue Seven, Adobe Walls volume 5, The Poeming Pigeon, Watermelon Isotope, Southwest Sage, All Things, Jesbian, Hers, Survival, and Walls: a Poets Speak Anthology Series, Value: Essays, Stories and Poems by Women of a Certain Age, Missing Persons: Reflections on Dementia, and Fixed and Free Poetry Anthology 2018.

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